Step-by-Step Guide on Buying Property – a Brisbane Buyers Agent Diary.

First-time buyers may easily get overwhelmed by the task of finding their dream home. This feeling is entirely normal, but it doesn’t have to turn out to be full-fledged stress if you endeavor to get a Brisbane buyers agent close to you. The experience of buying a new property, especially as a first-timer, will require taking some careful steps. Consider the following steps you can take in a successful purchase endeavor. 

Step 1 – Set your Budget and Affordability 

If you set out to search for a property on your own without a Brisbane buyers agency, it is a problematic take you pick up. When you begin to feel the stress of the task, take a break and reconsider your search options. How much can you afford? What apartments are you looking for from the Brisbane buyers agent? Remember also to consider all the hidden costs and potential extras that can come with the significant commission due to the agent. 

As a prospective buyer, you should know how far your budget can go and if you need to borrow more. Add the loan to your deposit and know all the add-on costs with interest on the loan. Some mortgage loans also require stamp duties on property, gas, internet, building, and pest inspection. 

Step 2 – Have a feel of the area

The least you can do if you are moving to a new area is learn as much as possible. Attempt to learn about auctions, open houses, and what is peculiar to where you intend to live. It will help if you get an idea of how many properties go for in that area. You may even drive around that locality with the Brisbane buyers agent who knows a bit more. While you do, talk to a few residents here and there to learn first-hand about the area.

Step 3 – Check out Property Upgrades

What is the condition you expect to meet the house? What promised to upgrade do you expect them to fix in the property? It is time to check them up to see if they are all in good shape now. Reconfirm the condition of the basins, door handles, drains, verandah, dishwashers, outdoor pots, kitchen tops, and other home components. Ensure you also understand the home seller for assurance on what to do.

Step 4 – Make your offer

At this stage, you can submit your first offer through the Brisbane buyers agent, who gives you an estimate. Usually, the sellers or listing agents ask your agent for a written request to take to the owner. There may be some back and forths at this stage while negotiating, all of which may occur over the phone. When you reach a verbal agreement, you redo the offer, which should be accepted. Afterward, the paperwork may begin where each party starts to append signatures. 

The signing of documents confirms that you now have agreed to the terms. Next, you will need to make a small deposit that can serve as a mobilization fee, while the rest of the promise comes within seven days. The next thing is to have a complete disclosure to the buyer and the contract of sale that lists all the features and special conditions of the agreement. Some of the conditions may include

  • Building and pest inspection
  • Sale of an existing property
  • Finance 

Note that it is essential to include these conditions so that you can use any of them to cancel the contract if unsatisfactory. It can become an excuse not to buy the property if there are issues with the building structure or pest inspection and control. 

Step 5 – After Contract-of-Sale

After the acceptance of your contract of sale with the date, the other steps to take include

  • Apply for the mortgage loan
  • Place an order for a building and pest inspection 
  • It would help if you now had a conveyance to do all paperwork and other government searches
  • Activate insurance on your new property with an unconditional offer that gives you full authority. 

Step 6 – Property Transfer

The Brisbane buyers agent now prepares all the necessary documents confirming the property’s ownership transfer. Also, the owner’s name changes from the seller to the new buyer, and you complete all payments. Remember to include the stamp duty in the transfer to the solicitor who attests to all the transactions. 

Step 7 – Property Settlement

At this point, the Brisbane buyers agent handles all the settlements about the property alongside your bank. You may also delay the balance of all the payments on the day of the territory, but it must be part of the contract of sale. The settlement date can change but has to be by mutual consent of both parties, except if something beyond their power happens. Otherwise, the property settlement can proceed, and the approved document reaches your hand as the new buyer. The deal can also move other aspects, just like the inspection day. If you so please, you can do another check on the house.

Step 8 – Get your Keys

Once you complete all the settlements with your Brisbane buyers agent, it is time to get your keys. Follow the instruction of the sellers’ agent or attorney on how to get your keys. When you get all your complete paper verified by your attorney, you can pick up your keys and start enjoying your house. 


On a final note, an efficient Brisbane buyers agent must ensure to complete all the arrangements for a home purchase. Here our team of experts reaches your agent to appropriate all the documentation, negotiation, pricing, and confirmation of the transfer. In addition, we maintain a good communication culture with all our clients to ensure they get all the required updates. We are efficient at our job because we have a good grasp of this locality and surrounding areas. Do you have any questions? Contact us for any detail of what is acceptable for Brisbane buyers agents.