Copy of Meet Phil

I appreciate that some of you will be looking at this particular page for the first time, for others this is an update of where we are with regards to the competition.

My name is Philip Leckie and I’m the owner of the house and website.
I’m originally from a small village called Chapelhall, which is very close to Airdrie where the competition house is situated. 
I have been living in Singapore for the last seven years with my wife Rhea and our now 3-year-old son Raphael.

I have addressed this next part in the past but I need to emphasise that this is not a scam. I appreciate others have tried to run “raffles” for their house and failed. It’s truly a difficult exercise. I know some other competitions have had to resort to cash alternative prizes and that just leaves a feeling of disappointment for everyone. I entered a few competitions before setting this one up just to understand the process. It’s not good when you find out the house isn’t the prize.

Thankfully, that’s not happening here, so much so that I’ve had the confidence to reach out to two good friends of mine.

The first is Vivek Singh celebrity chef. He’s agreed to host a live dinner event  on the 20/12/20 at his restaurant The Cinnamon club Westminster London. I will be inviting the top 20 paying ticket holders and their partners to the event at my cost (I believe that’s only fair, those who have put in the most deserve to witness the draw) I’m also making a donation to Vivek's Charity of choice “Action against Hunger”.

The second person is the outstanding Scottish illustrator, Adrian McMurchie who is famed for his paintings of architecture around the world. He also has a wonderful collection dedicated to Glasgow architecture and has illustrated most of the restaurants in the city for the Sunday Herald magazine. Adrian will be at the live event and will be presenting the winner with an illustration of the house (I appreciate the winner might not be at the live event, and it will be getting streamed for all) but it’s still a cool gift to be receiving at some point with the house keys. Adrian’s charity of choice is Pancreatic Cancer (Scotland).

Please remember that you have an option of charity on the order form(that’s entirely up to you) I will do my best to make a significant donation to them.

As you are aware I’m always open to questions regarding the house and I personally answer them all. I want to address some of them here.

The first big one: Can I buy the house if this fails? Joking aside, if you ever want to sell a house, just put up a website trying to raffle it and you will get offers. I think I’ve had around 10 or 12 offers to buy the house. I don’t know if that’s a test of my resilience or not, but the answer has always been no and it will remain no. Here’s why, In October 2019, I was in seeing the team in St Andrews Hospice (the only place you can still buy physical tickets). An elderly lady approached me and said “Are you the laddie raffling the big house?” I said “Yes” she then proceeded to get five pound coins from her purse and put them on the table “Give me two please son”. At that point the whole thing became real for me and I asked her “What are you going to with a house that size? “She said “I’m going to give it to my daughter and her family.” I thought to myself “Right, Leckie there are too many dreams at risk here, you need to get this done…” and so here we are “together” doing it and raising money for charities. Those big cheques will not say from Philip Leckie, but will say from the Participants of DrawAhouse (that I can promise you).

I’ve tried to make this competition really easy for everyone, just “pre-order” tickets and when all the tickets are sold. I will send you an invoice for you to pay, then I will release the tickets. I think that’s fair.

I do however, get the odd joker and that’s a concern with this particular plan. Some days ago, I had a Michael Caine living in 10 Downing Street, London Libya. Michael, if you are reading this I know it wasn’t you… So, let’s be honest with each other always.

I’m asking one massive favour from everyone who has entered. I’m sending you all a unique reference link. I know that all of you, can pass that unique link to your friends and family on a social media platform of your choice (WhatsApp is good).
Even just 5-10 people is more than great and it will help me to get to the finish line a little bit earlier.

I’m also giving monetary prizes for the top 3 referral guys who decide to give this particular request energy. The prizes will be £5000, £3000 and £1000 respectively. They will also be invited to the cinnamon club to pick up their respective prizes. (the referrals are less than one hundred at present. So, to get to the live event through this route isn’t too difficult to be honest). So thanks in advance…

With regards to the website itself, you will see I have changed the Personal Values tab to “Live” event leader board. I will keep this updated showing the top 25 ticket holders in alphabetical order. For security reasons, I will only show the First name (only) and just the Area or Country and the top 5 referral folks the same, First name and area/country. I have sold tickets in over 30 Countries now, which still amazes me to be honest.

Once again, if you have any questions please reach out directly to don’t hesitate. If you still want to know your own personal values, and how well you are living them in 2020… Just write values in your mail heading and just give me some time to respond.

Please remember. I’m awake when you are sleeping and you are awake when I’m dreaming of this…