Is this a scam?
No, it’s not a scam, The House is the prize. There will be no cash alternatives offered. I’m also originally from Airdrie and my family still live there. I am committed to making this happen.

How Can I trust you?
I appreciate your concern due to other unsuccessful competitions. I’m committed to making the house the prize. Please share my commitment and commit to buying the tickets you sign up for. Please also take a link here and share with it friends to help us make the house the Prize.

When is competition end?
Still aiming for end of March 2020. The Draw will be 4 weeks later when I have the venue decided to host the “Live Draw” Dinner event

Where are my tickets?
Your tickets are in the system and your ticket numbers will be released when you pay for them. Participants before December 20th have their tickets and don’t have to do anything but wait for a venue to be announced.

Can I get the furniture in the House? that should be included for my ticket entry.

When was the roof last repaired or looked at?
The last roof maintenance was completed Jan 2019 and has a 10 year warranty

Can I see the warranty
This will be provided to the winner on house transfer.

If I win the house do I need to pay for gas and electricity?
Erm. Yes

The Chandeliers, Can I have them?
Yes, you can have the them. They are originally from the Turnberry Hotel purchased at auction before it’s last major renovation.

Will you fix the gate?

How can I trust you?
I’m doing everything I can to assist you with this credibility factor let’s move forward. I commit to make the house the prize,you commit to share and buy the tickets you signed up for.

When are you fixing the gate?
When the competition closes I will fix the gate and there will be open days to view the house before the actual draw.

Please note: These were serious questions from interested participants and I respond to every question personally. I am now dedicating this phone number +65 8517 7695 for Whatsapp Communication only. I live in Singapore please respect there is a time difference and delay to my reply.