I’m writing this note from a place of complete transparency.

I guess the question that personally “triggers’ me the most is: Is this a scam?

That’s always a sore one. So, before I move on. I’m originally from a small village just outside Airdrie called Chapelhall and if I was asked if I would ever own this house?

The answer would be (with an accent that hasn’t left me) “Nae chance

My parents still live in the area and brought me up with solid “values”. I don’t need to steal and I also respect that people in life have to work extremely hard to get money. So, the £2.50 fee was to make it accessible for everyone, I just dislike the idea of people being “priced out”. I have further reduced the risk to everyone by no one having to make a payment at present. The idea is simple order tickets and I will let you know when to pay. I then don’t get accused of “hoarding” monies or making interest etc.

I now live in Singapore due to work. I’m sitting here in “Lockdown” asking myself many things … Should I be here or home with my Mum and Dad? Can I get home at short notice if I ever need to ...It’s tough for us all just now and my best wishes are with you.Things will hopefully will get better soon but, they will never be the same especially for many families across the globe who have lost loved ones.

Was this project a good idea? 

Honest answer…It’s tough. I take on hard projects every year to raise some money “Everest Marathon” in a kilt, Giro D Italia 4 hours in front of the professionals. This year was Marathon Des Sables 250km in the Sahara Desert (cancelled until supposedly September “nae chance”). This is tougher!

What’s been the tough part so far?

Social media presence. I genuinely need a good Facebook, Instagram type person it’s not my forte and if you know of one please let me know.

How are the general public?

When I reached out to the existing participants and I told them, I was giving the keys to St Andrews Hospice during this period of uncertainty they’ve were great and fully behind my actions. I got the extremely “rare” irate mail. Then, I Simply donated a sum of money to the “Big Issue” on their behalf (first name only) as the donator and then sent them on the “Thank you” receipt from the Big Issue.

How are St Andrews?

Everyone associated with the Hospice are genuinely “Brilliant”.  They give me energy. When I went to them initially and told them what I wanted to do due the past care they had provided my family they were/and still are extremely supportive.

Are you open to some more sensible questions? 

Always, FOR THE RECORD! There is no Stamp duty to pay if you win the house.The furniture will come with the house … The gate will be fixed and the roof has a 10-year warranty.  And Again, you don’t pay for tickets until it’s done! Stop asking to pay please.

I’m awake when your sleeping and your awake when I’m dreaming of this, so ask me anything at phil@drawahouse.com or use the free Whatsapp: +6585177695