Meet Phil

Thank you for taking interest in! As you peruse the competition, you may be wondering, Who is behind this competition? What are the competition logistics? Why are we doing this? When will the winners be announced? How will we choose a winner?

To answer those questions and to provide additional context, here’s a bit of background information about me and the competition I’m running.

My name is Philip Leckie and I’m the owner of 62 Alexander Street in Airdrie, Scotland. I’ve decided to raffle off the house with proceeds in excess of the home value going to St. Andrews Hospice.

A native of Scotland, I’m originally from a small village called Chapelhall, very close to Airdrie, which is 25 minutes from Glasgow. I have been living in Singapore for the last seven years with my wife Rhea and our now 3-year-old son Raphael.

I wanted to raffle off my house in Airdrie because after 15 years of ownership, I felt it was time to move the property on to another person. Charity is personally important to me, so instead of simply selling the home, I wanted to do something unique -- hence the idea for the home raffle was born.

The raffle has been in play for the past year, with the first ticket free of charge, and each subsequent ticket costing £2.50/ticket. On the 20th of December, one winner will be chosen at random.

To add a few more exciting incentives to the competition, I’ve reached out to two good friends of mine:

The first is celebrity chef Vivek Singh. He’s agreed to host a live dinner event on the 20/12/20 at his London restaurant, The Cinnamon Club. I will be inviting the top 20 paying ticket holders and their partners to the event, all expenses paid. For those unable to attend, the event will be livestreamed online. I’ll also be making a donation to Vivek's charity of choice, Action Against Hunger.

The second person is the outstanding Scottish illustrator, Adrian McMurchie, who is known for his paintings of architecture around the world. He also has a wonderful collection of artwork dedicated to Glasgow architecture and has illustrated most of the city’s restaurants for the Sunday Herald. Adrian will attend the live event at the Cinnamon Club and will present the winner with an illustration of the house -- a unique gift to receive along with the house keys.

I’ve also provided competition entrants with the option of selecting a charity of their choosing on the ticket order form and I will do my best to make a significant donation to the chosen charity, alongside my main donation to St. Andrews Hospice.

The Live Event Leaderboard page on our website is updated regularly showing the top 25 ticket holders in alphabetical order. For security reasons, I will only show the ticket holder's first name and their country/region. The same goes for the top 5 people making referrals. At present, tickets have been sold across over 30 countries worldwide, which still amazes me to be honest.

I hope this FAQ has been useful and illuminating. If you have any questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to