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To enter the competition, simply answer the question below and add the ticket to your cart.

If you are entering the competition for FREE just place the relevant reference code and the ticket will be honoured.

You will still be sent an order number beginning with the letter D. Please don’t be alarmed you won’t have to pay anything it’s for internal use.

For those who are paying for additional tickets.

First and foremost, Thank you!

For every £10, One of our charity partners is going to give you another 2 tickets upon payment completion.

You will also get a unique order# you can send this order# as reference to friends and family. When they order tickets, you will be given an additional ticket upon payment completion.

A big thanks to you all, Good luck Phil

It takes £88K/week for St Andrews to run their services. Collectively we are trying to get £150K to them as quickly as we can. The other available funds are for other good causes thanks for your recommendations so far.

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